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Minecraft Preview - James Connolly

There are multiple versions of Minecraft such as Java and Bedrock today we will be talking about Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Can you get Minecraft for free?

Unfortunately, there is no legal way to get Minecraft for free, but you can try a free demo.

What is the Minecraft demo like?

The demo is like any normal world except the world is always the same so if you make another demo don’t expect it to be different! Also you have a timer of 100 minutes but after the time ends you get put in adventure mode which makes it impossible to mine, interact with any block or build so if your time runs out and you want to keep exploring be careful! 

What was the most popular update on Minecraft Pocket Edition?

The most popular update in all of minecraft history was the redstone update. Also known as 1.5.If you don’t know what redstone is it is the power source of minecraft, like electricity is ours redstone can power redstone lamps, dispensers, droppers, and lots more!

Can you get mods in bedrock edition?

Many people do not know but you actually can get mods on bedrock edition!

You can also get mods on VR headsets too.

Minecraft Skins?

There are a lot of people who do not know about Minecraft skins, like did you know that if you name your character Dinnerbone or Grum it will turn upside down!

There are loads of free skins but you can also create your own skins so remember you don’t need minecoins to have the best skin!

Is minecraft classic free?

Yes Minecraft classic is free to play, but it does not have the latest updates but it is still fun to play.Minecraft classic is only playable on computer though.

Five Facts about Minecraft you probably didn’t know.

1.Did you know that the first version of minecraft was made in six days!

2.Did you know that Steve and Alex’s middle name is stonecutter!

3.Did you know if you enter a nether portal all non sitting pets will follow even allys!

4.You may know that creepers are afraid of cats but did you know phantoms are too!

5.You know that creepers are afraid of cats but do you know why? It’s actually because creepers do not like to be hugged and they think cats are going to hug them!

What was the worst minecraft update?

Beta 1.8 was the worst update, that was the beginning of things going wrong for Minecraft. Beta 1.7 with bug fixes, more biomes, redstone, and 1.14 villages would have been a near perfect game, but Beta 1.8 took Minecraft in the wrong direction, and probably helped Minecraft’s decline.

Is Minecraft education edition actually used in schools?

Yes, Minecraft Education edition is actually used in schools. When covid hit a lot of schools started teaching by Minecraft Education edition.

Can you tame a witch’s cat?

Yes you can tame a witch’s cat in Minecraft, and they will just act like a normal cat.

Are mods free to get?

On Bedrock, mods are called add-ons and they are not for free.

Is the Minecraft Launcher free?

Yes the Minecraft Launcher is free but you will have to buy Minecraft before the Minecraft Launcher shows up.

What was Minecraft’s first name?

Minecraft’s first name was The Cave Game.

What is the difference between creative and survival?

The main difference between creative and survival is the inventory in creative you have every block and item you can obtain without commands.Another difference between them is in survival you have 10 hearts but in creative you have none, because you can not die. Creative mode was made to build and let your imagination run, wild you can build anything you want because you have almost all the blocks and items in the game and the best thing about it is there is no one to say that your build is bad or good you can decide and build the most wacky or weird things you can think of.

What are all the difficulties in survival mode?

The first difficulty is peaceful mode, in peaceful mode there are no hostile mobs to hurt you and you take less damage from falling dont forget that neutral mobs are now peaceful.

The next gamemode is easy. This is a mode where all hostile mobs do less damage fall

damage is also less then normal neutral mobs are now neutral and will attack when provoked.

The next gamemode is normal. In normal mode fall damage is normal hostile mobs will spawn more at night and everything does more damage.

The second to last game mode is hard now zombies can break down doors that are not iron and everything is way harder to survive the last and hardest game mode is Hardcore damage is more than hard if you die you get kicked off the server and if it is your world it is deleted.

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