10 Most Popular Pokemon

James Connolly

10: Gyarados

Gyarados is a fish-dragon thing but it is super powerful so I see why it is up here, the funny thing is that it evolves from one of the weakest pokemon Magikarp. Even though it is an absolute tank it is still not the most popular pokemon in all of the pokemon games.

Even though it is a strong pokemon it still has its weaknesses like grass so it is not the most powerful.

9: Lugia-10 Most Popular Pokemon

Lugia is one of the smartest pokemon although it can not speak out of its mouth it can speak telepathically and read minds. It is probably popular because of its dragon-like appearance and it is one of the legendary bird pokemon. But it is one of the only flying psychic types. It makes an interesting matchup because there are hardly any pokemon with this type up. Even though it is a legendary and it is super cool it is still not the most popular pokemon so keep on reading to find out what the most popular pokemon is.

8: Mew

Mew is supposed to be the first pokemon that ever existed and it is said to have D.N.A from every pokemon that does exist, has existed and ever will exist. I see why it is powerful and popular. It is also super cute and is basically the most popular pokemon because it can turn into any pokemon on the planet. Even with its cuteness and power it is still not the most popular pokemon so keep on reading to find out who is the most popular pokemon ever(according to votes not my opinion).

7: Mewtwo-10 Most Popular Pokemon

Mewtwo is Mew’s evil twin created in a lab by humans to help but turned on humanity to help pokemon and never to see humans again. I can see why it is so liked. I think it is mostly its cool backstory but you might disagree. It is super powerful and can fly. It is said to be the most powerful pokemon in the universe.

6: Gengar

Gengar is the most powerful ghost type in the first 150 in the Pokedex. I can see why Gengar is in the top ten most popular pokemon because it is one of my favourite pokemon in all of the games and tv shows. Although it is super powerful and cool somehow it is still not the most popular pokemon. Gengar is the second evolution of ghastly. It goes Ghastly, Haunter and then Gengar.   

5: Evee

Evee is the unstable pokemon because it has 8 known eveelutions ,see what I did, ok I will stop. Evee is one of the cutest pokemon in my opinion (it is second after Pikachu) so I can see why it is fifth in the top ten most popular pokemon ever and most of its evolutions are super powerful like umbreon and sylveon my personal favourite of all the evolutions Evee can evolve into has to be Vaporion because I just love its style and its looks the tail is the best part of it because it looks super cool.

4: Jigglypuff-10 Most Popular Pokemon

Jigglypuff is the sneaky pokemon that sings and when it sings it puts you to sleep then it draws a moustache on your face then it disappears before you wake up. There is only one thing I can say about this, I hate Jigglypuff and the main reason I hate it is because it does that instead of waiting until you wake up it draws a moustache on your face and then leaves like who does that it is just weird and creepy like it is like me waiting for someone to fall asleep then staring at them while they are sleeping then when they are waking up draw on their face with a pen or marker then leaving their house so you don’t see me like who does that.

3: Squirtle

Squirtle is a Kanto starter pokemon is the water type choice along with Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur are the other starters in Kanto along with the secret starter Pikachu. I love Squirtle and its evolutions but I think it is on this list because it is the best Kanto starter( That is what I think) and it is super cute. This might be just me but usually the water type starters are the cutest. Anyway Squirtle is overall a very good pokemon and a great starter pokemon. One last thing if you have this pokemon you can get it to use the move water gun to get that pesky Jigglypuff’s marker or pen off your face so you are clean again.

2: Charizard-10 Most Popular Pokemon

Charizard is the fully evolved form of Charmander the starter pokemon. Charmander is a bit overrated is what I think, like think about it go and ask your friend what the best Kanto starter is and I almost guarantee that they will say Charmander, chameleon or Charizard (unless they are smart then they will say Squirtle, Wartortle or Blastoise). Overall it is a pretty good pokemon but just not as good as some others. 

1: Pikachu

We all know Pikachu, it needs no introduction and if you do not know Pikachu then where do you live under a rock can you not get your tv remote and watch pokemon and if you don’t like pokemon then why are you here reading this anyway Pikachu is the most popular pokemon ever according to a vote so good job Pikachu oh yea Pikachu is the secret Kanto starter pokemon.

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10 Most Popular Pokemon